Ready to Waste – The ugly side of fashion… nothing new really…

Since we’ve been researching in our project, we have been getting several clues that Fast Fashion will eventually crack somehow, if not by social pressure, manufacturing pressure.

The relationship people have with products and brands is reaching different depths (nice article). Clothing and fashion is no different. The signs of tiredness of seeing poor quality, extremely cheap clothes that don’t really fit, that don’t have any kind of uniqueness, are becoming louder.

Not only at the experience level it is cracking, but at the sustainable level. What will happen when clothes are so cheap, so poor quality that people can wear one day and put them in the bin in the next? How will it crack? When? (crack)

We want to be there when it does :) We’re not saying Fast fashion will disappear, it will reeinvent itself somehow and gain Billions of dollars with it. But if we can provide women a sense on uniqueness, of co-creation, the feeling of a brand experience and then offer them new ways to reale with their clothes, we will be happy :)

We are aiming for those exeperiences.

Where do you think Fast Fashion will crack? Will it be social? Factories in China that pay so little to workers that will cause stress in the industrie? (already happening).



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